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About Luke

Luke Samuel Cox originates from Cox's Cove, Bay of Islands, Newfoundland, Canada. He started playing music very young. He was influenced by the music of Newfoundland which was predominantly Irish/Scottish Celtic music. He formed his first band at 14 and was the lead singer/drummer. At 16 he learned to play guitar, thanks to Marty Delaney, and started to write songs. He has been playing music now for over 25 years and it is evident in his fluent finger style guitar and clear tenor vocals.

Luke founded the popular Kitchen Party Jam Sessions in Brampton in 2002. Though they did it every 2 weeks for over 6 years, there was always a packed house. The sessions are held every two weeks at THE PLACE in Brampton. The sessions have became so popular that even TV Ontario, The Toronto Star, The Toronto Sun, Rogers Cable and The Brampton Bulletin have all showed up to find out what the buzz is about.

Luke plays drums with "Wreckhouse (The same Kitchen Jam Crew)" and "Off The Rockers" .  You can find Luke on youtube  with other bands - Islander and Celtic Powerhouse by doing a search on the same respectively.

Album Description

This debut album from Luke Cox is a collection of musical short stories. The songs span a wide variety of styles from folk to country to rock to celtic. The songwriting is full of vivid imagery and the songs are full of musical hooks that will keep the listener humming for days. It is hard to tire of this CD due to the variety of musical styles. No two songs sound alike.