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Editorial Reviews

This debut album by Luke Samuel Cox is chalk full of vivid lyrical imagery and catchy melodies that will keep the listener humming for days. Each song has its' very own distinct flavour, yet there is a thread running through the album which is hard to pin down.

Anyone who understands the subtleties of music will hear a mix of different musical flavours but somehow want to find a single word to describe celtic/ folk/ rock/ country. Luke has found a way to blend them all together with the skill of a fine craftsman. Buy the CD, give it a few listens and you'll see. Once the crafty blend of music and the deep, story-riddled lyrics get a hold of you, the CD will not come out of your player.

Mel D'Souza, The Downhomer Magazine,
"...Luke's music can be enjoyed in solitude, or in a crowded dance hall. His music knows no age boundaries; his music appeals to teens and to grandparents alike. With "Adrift" Luke has transcended the musical genre and generation gap."

Seacoast Music.com
"...The recording artist is an up and coming artist that you should really have a look at. His music carries a wide range of flavours from country to popular, with a folk flavour running through it."

Rick Ivanov, Dogstar Music compilation
"..."Only If You Ask Me To" - Originally from Newfoundland, Luke now makes his home in Ontario. His refreshing songwriting style and excellent vocal delivery are showcased in this great up-tempo song, which shows the influences of Country and Rock music with a hint of Irish and Scottish flavour. This song is from his CD titled "Adrift".

About the Artist
Luke Samuel Cox originates from Newfoundland, Canada. He started playing music at a very young age. He was influenced by the music of Newfoundland which was predominently Irish/Scottish celtic music. He formed his first band at 14 and was the lead singer/drummer. At 17 he learned to play guitar and started to write songs. He has been playing music now for 20 or so years and it is evident in his fluent finger style guitar and clear tenor vocals.

Album Description
This debut album from Luke Cox is a collection of musical short stories. The songs span a wide variety of styles from folk to country to rock to celtic. The songwriting is full of vivid imagery and the songs are full of musical hooks that will keep the listener humming for days. It is hard to tire of this CD due to the variety of musical styles. No two songs sound alike.